Veganism And Your Children

There are a lot of people following the vegan lifestyle. Sometimes we tend to focus too much on the adults and the foods they are eating that we forget about children. If you are a vegan and are planning to or have kids, you need to know a few things about veganism children and how to bring them up. Most people are still struggling to answer the question “should I raise my kids on a vegan diet?” well the following information will shed some light on veganism and how to raise your child on plant-based foods.

Why Raise Vveganism childreneganism Children

A few decades ago, a vegan diet might not have been the best recommendation for a kid. However, a lot has changed and vegan meals have become some of the best decisions you can make for your children. There are a lot of chemicals and toxins in the processed foods we eat. This is especially the case when animal products are involved. Kids are highly in need of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals when they are growing up. Everything can be obtained from plant-based products especially if you choose the ingredients correctly.

Veganism Children From Birth

When you give birth to a child, they will be on a vegan diet. If you are breastfeeding exclusively for the recommended 6 months, it means your child will be a vegan until you introduce animal products. Because you are following a vegan diet, when weaning your baby, the best you can do is introduce them to plant based foods. The first one year of bringing up a child is the easiest in veganism. This is because even in cases where no vegan diet is followed, the kinds of foods introduced to the child are plant based.

As the child grows, they might come across food from animals. This is why you should always be prepared to teach your children about veganism. First, you need to show them animals and how beautiful they are. Then you can explain where the foods people eat come from. In most cases, you will not have to teach much because the simple explanation of how animals have to die for them to eat will be enough. This does not only involve food, it also involves things such as clothes and shoes.


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Is The Diet Safe?

According to statistics, plants contain the same minerals and vitamins you can find in animal products. Veganism children will, therefore, be getting enough nutrients. If you feel as though your child is not getting all the nutrients, there are always supplements they can take. There might be studies showing that veganism children might have reduced weight as compared to children that eat animal products. A recent study shows that vegan kids will have the same weight as omnivorous children.

The secret is to always ensure that the children are eating a balanced meal. This means that it should contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Kids will always eat vegetables if they are involved in the cooking process. Make everything fun and you will not have to deal with your kids not eating veggies and fruits.


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