I can say it now, being vegan is not so hard, like everything it can be learned. While not having had the chance to be supported in the early stages of my approach, I decided to give a boost to those embarking today so they do not feel lost. Because being vegan should never be experienced as a burden or a disgrace but as a joy and satisfaction. In fact, veganism is not “extreme” or “dangerous” it’s a very simple message of love and respect that will continue to spread.
And because I want to do my part in this move towards a more just world, I offer exceptional advice as well as personalized support to help kids and all who want to review their consumption of animal products or still struggling to find their balance by eating no more meat at all. I do not want them to question their values ​​because they make us laugh or annoy others.
No, you’re not crazy, I’ve taken years to understand that. Your are not alone and you do not need to wait and continue destroying life of animals in the mantle of meal!

The new normal

Being a vegan mother for many years, my desire to do no harm keeps consolidating. Cooking without animal ingredients is normal for me. In fact, it became my normality. Of course, eating out is a little complicated, but I got used to hold on and then things moved a little in the restoration. In terms of clothing, I still mostly wear second-hand clothes, I simply selected without products from animal exploitation such as leather, wool or silk. For my use in a broader sense, I always try to educate myself and do the best knowing that animal exploitation, completely unmarked, lurks everywhere.

You’re growing

When I was a kid I wanted to stop eating animals. It seemed that I was someone sensitive, thoughtful and determined from a very tender age. Despite the holes in my memory, I recall having done a lot of calculations to determine the end of my growth. Lucky for me, I was pretty young, so at the age of 13 I decided that enough was enough waiting. The summer before my senior year in college, so I stopped eating meat for good to spare animals and avoid human brutality towards animals.

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